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Trucking and Trailer Leasing Co.

Our Services

NC Leasing has both a “Truck Delivery Service” and “Trailer Rental Service.”

Our Delivery Service operates throughout Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania on a regular basis.  We will run as far as Chicago, Miami and Dallas on load by load basis.  We have capabilities to deliver anywhere in the USA.  Call us for a freight quote.

Our Trailer Rental Service ranges from flatbeds to 45’, 48’, and 53’ vans. If space is an issue, a trailer can be placed on rent at our location until your product is needed.  We are typically the lowest priced trailer option in the surrounding area.  We do not charge miles or any other add-on charges.  A trailer can be loaded and sent to storage at our location at no additional charge.  Free up space at your place!

During a busy season capacity can be exceeded, and then return to normal the following years.  Here, we can help with excess capacity with our temporary trailer rentals.  Our rentals for flatbeds or vans are priced per day, per calendar week, and per calendar month.